The cost of the game depends on the number of rooms booked, not on the number of participants! Therefore, the price is the same for a group of 2 and for a group of 6.

Cost of booking 1 room:

200 PLN - Monday-Friday with start up to 14:30, the special price for 2 people: 180 PLN
250 PLN - Monday-Thursday with start from 15:00, the special price for 2 people: 200 PLN
300 PLN - Friday from 15:00-Sunday and all Holidays, the special price for 2 people: 250 PLN

Pricing for companies should be calculated individually basing on your custom request.

Visa & MasterCard payments or by cash. The nearest ATMs are located at the intersection near Metro Station.

Available dates are shown in the tab BOOKING


Voucher price is 300 zł and allows you to play on any day at any time.

Just book a date on the page and select ”voucher payment” in the form provided!

Voucher can also be bought in our places or online by sending an email to: