For Companies

Escape Room is a special offer for all those companies that are looking for a new, original and entertaining way to strengthen the bonds between their employees, improve communication and creativity inside the company.

Escape Room is a special type of team building exercise. All aspects of team building are taken into consideration: cooperation, creativity, communication, perception and thinking outside the box.

Escape Room allows you to meet with your contractors, journalists or clients in a different environment!

WHERE? The game can be prepared in one of our locations: at Plac Konstytucji, Śniadeckich 1/15 street in the city center OR on Inżynierska 1 street, next to Dworzec Wileński, Praga district – the old part of Warsaw, Praga district - the old part of Warsaw Marszałkowska 140 street, city centre.

FOR WHO? Groups can consist from as little as 2 and as many as 30 people. Each location has 3 different adventure rooms, meaning that 15 people can play at the same time. In the meantime the rest of the group can coduct some workshops, a product presentation or enjoy some catering.

WHAT? Meeting with clients, product presentation, integration party… you name it! It is possible to rent one room or three, for an hour or the whole day. Let us know and we will make the right offer for you!

WHERE? According to your needs. It can be a hotel, company headquarters or outdoors.

FOR WHO? Let us know who the players will be, so that we will know how to prepare the games. We have different approach to kids and different to engineers.

WHAT? Depending on the location and the number of participants, we can make the game longer or shorter. Everything can be arranged!

As you can see, we believe that “Impossible is Nothing!” and everything can be arranged. Please remember that we only wish to provide best service possible and if will inform you if we have any limits.

In order to receive an offer, please send the following details to our email:
  • Date
  • number of participants
  • number of rooms to be rented
  • how many games will be played
  • extra details (catering, conference room etc.)
  • Dodatkowe potrzeby (np. catering)
PHONE: 512 454 089

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